Actuator MGA-7.4

Actuator MGA-7.4

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Product features :
  • Ability to install and replace with external actuators without mechanical and electrical changes
  • Easy adjustment of limit switches
  • Two open and closed torque switches
  • Remote control of valves
  • Can be used in telemetry systems
  • It has an OLED display
  • with 4-20 mA output (valve position)
  • Functional certificate
  • IP67 certified
  • It has an indication of the open and closed percentage of the valve
  • The possibility of opening and closing the valve manually during a power outage
  • It has an automatic clutch system
  • Can be installed on water and sewage industry valves with any working pressure
  • Motor temperature protection: Thermoguard
  • Operator output speed: 45-120 RPM
  • Minimum output torque: 20Nm
  • Maximum output torque: 100Nm
  • Has adjustable open and close limit switches
  • with torque limit switches (torque switches)
  • Output flange: F7 Standard En ISO 5210, F10
  • The diameter of the manual blade: 160mm with a ratio of 1:8
  • Normal motor current: 1.3A
  • Maximum current: 3.5A in locked rotor
  • Motor power: 220w-400w
  • Power factor: 0.45