Actuator RA-14.3 | 500Nm

Actuator RA-14.3 | 500Nm

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Electrical Actuator:


Model RADAB RA 14.3:


Multi-turn Actuator with Positioner:


This product can be operated both manually and electrically. This product includes open/close limit switches, adjustable and programmable torque switches, and an automatic clutch system to open/close and control industrial valves. Installed positioners have an output current limit of 4-20 mA. In the RA series actuators, open-close and positioning duties are done by an S2-15 min motor. It is also possible to attach a suitable PID controller to the product to accomplish a more complex control function.


Advantages of the RADAB actuators:


  • Limit switches can be adjusted digitally.
  • Torque switches can be adjusted digitally.
  • Limit and torque sensing ability.
  • Having an OLED monitor to show the opening/closing percentage of the valve and the amount of torque applied to the valve.
  • Suitable for all types of industrial valves.
  • A remote-control capability is available.



Technical Data sheet of RADAB RA 14.3:


  • Output speed at 50Hz: 45 to 120 rpm
  • Torque range: 250-500 Nm
  • Adjustable limit switches with 10 A, 250 V
  • Adjustable Torque switches
  • Handwheel for manual operation
  • Output currents of 4 to 20 mA is available from the positioner
  • Automatic clutch system
  • Valve mounting flange: F14, standard EN ISO 5210
  • Motor’s Type: S2-15min
  • Motor’s Power: 1600 to 3000 W
  • Ingress Protection (IP): 67
  • Cos(φ): 0.45
  • Nominal Current: 3.5 to 6 A
  • Maximum Current in Locked Rotor: 5 A
  • Thermal protection of the motor: NC Thermo guard
  • Handwheel diameter: 400 mm with gear transmission ratio of 1:8